Deja Brew

Me as a toddler

I was only 4 years old when my great-grandmother served me my first cup of coffee. It was a black cup of freshly made filter coffee, no sugar, and no milk – just the way she liked it.

The only thing that made this dark brew slightly more child friendly was the mug she had poured the coffee into. It was an old children’s mug from the 60’s, decorated with a little girl and a cat. I loved that mug.

Oldemor (“great-grandmother” in Norwegian) was an early bird and so was I at the age of 4. We were both sat around the kitchen table with a mug each of black coffee at 6 am in the morning while my parents were still in bed. Oldemor was drinking her coffee and I was keeping her with company.

I used to like the smell of coffee as a child; it was the smell of happiness, holidays and grandparents.

The smell of coffee still brings me back to my childhood and to my great-grandmother and grandmother.

pouring shot lighter background

Deja Brew is a collection my oldemor would have approved of. It is a collection made for pour-over coffee, a manual method of drip coffee in which water is poured in a thin, steady, slow stream over coffee grounds for a fresh extraction. All you need for a great cup of coffee is hot water, coffee and coffee filters. Enjoy! – Ragnhild Marstad


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